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 Girls/Women and fashion/ornaments :) ...

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PostSubject: Girls/Women and fashion/ornaments :) ...    Sat May 21, 2011 2:55 am

What do you think of this? Smile ... I thought whether I put this on "Expression of Art Forms" or in here ... but then it said "Art, movies, music...", so I thought I put here? Smile

Indian dresses are very beautiful and colorful Smile. I bought some for myself too. The "Kurti" is such a thing you can wear anywhere in the world Smile, it adjusts so perfectly. Although very thin to wear in winters (real winters Smile ... ) ... but I think in the summer its a perfect thing to wear Wink ... Also, the CHURIDHAR Smile suggested by kool here Smile ... the one which I bought first is utterly a gorgeous one, and complimenting it I brought a couple more Smile ... This first one is such a memory Smile ... I made the first full dinner and served to my inlaws with it Smile

Poland and other countries surrounding us (Ukraine and Czech or Slovak, or Lithuanians or Serbians etc) have lost contact with their own traditional dresses. We used to have our own trademarks too Very Happy ... I wore them only in festivals for school and also once during university (festival) Smile ... Polish traditional dance cannot be done without it.

What I really like are the CHOORI I love you of India, and recently bought many Smile ... it is very musical, glass and quite simple, inexpensive, yet so classy Smile. Red and Green and some more colors ... all seem not only awesome to wear but also to keep and look Smile ..

So what do you think of the traditional outfits of places you live, and your home land? ...

For me, with the little exposure of India, I am very impressed and excited for all these lovely dresses Smile ... and the ornaments I mean are the CHOORI and the other simple things you have naturally ... about the gold I know Very Happy, many many you like Smile ...

Poland have a few variations in dresses according to regions ... in here all of them are present... MY ONE is Second Row, Extreme Right Smile (the man without hat and blonde girl).


Little Polki Girl Smile ... my region Smile


A Traditional Ornament (Look at the neck)


And a sketch Smile


Indian Gorgeous Dress Smile ... Traditional (right?) ... With CHOOOORI Smile


Will not go without this one Wink ... Will Buy it Smile ...


This saree is beautiful Smile ... although I won't buy because all the time I am so scared with the saree Very Happy ... either I will fall of or it will Very Happy ... heh Very Happy ..


CHOORI Smile ... I like the mid ones... I mean the ones which have not too much work on it, but also a little Smile ... but GLASS ones "Kaan-ch ka CHOORI" Smile
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Girls/Women and fashion/ornaments :) ...
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